Quality schools generate quality communities. I still believe this to be true and will continue to work every day to strengthen and grow our great district. Although the challenges have been unparalleled, so much has been accomplished in the last four years. We are only getting started!

Our focus must be on…


Difficult decisions and drastic measures have allowed the district to adopt structurally balanced budgets in the 2020 and 2021 years.  While we cannot diminish the losses that have been endured, a brief period of austerity will strengthen the district for many years to come.


Whether the district shows a robust fund balance or 9-figure debt, expenditure control must remain a focus of good governance. Systemization, policy enforcement and diligent monitoring of costs and resources will maintain financial stability.

Student Achievement

Our students and educators continue to work tirelessly to achieve their goals during the COVID-19 pandemic but we must stand ready to address the learning losses that will have been a result of these unprecedented circumstances. From facilities improvements to social-emotional and curriculum supports, we must view every initiative and every decision through the lens of student achievement.

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